Bible Baptist Church believes in its responsibility to propagate the Great Commission throughout the world. It is our goal to support a missionary in as many countries as possible. We support independent Baptist missionaries who are accountable through their local church. Many of these missionaries may also use a mission agency as a clearinghouse to assist them in financial and legal matters while traveling abroad. We only support missionaries, mission agencies, & mission programs which reflect the scriptural doctrines and philosophies of our church.

We currently support 13 missionaries and mission works:

B.E.A.M.S. – Bible Distribution

Dr. Bob Bowen – Thailand & SE Asia

Jay Brandon – Jews in NYC

Mark Coffey – S. Africa

Dan Delong – Australia, PNG, & BIMI Field Director

Flint Gutweiler – Construction Missionary to local churches

Terry Ingram – Eastern Europe (Gypsies)

Branden McKinion – Philippines

Scott Saxton – Tabernacle of Hope Ministry to local churches

Charles Strong – Mexico

Fred Wall – Haiti

Richard Weaver – Scotland

Kevin White – Bolivia